Curry chicken + Old cucumber soup

I do not walk in the kitchen for a long time. Because of many activities and ...I am lazy. Recently was addicted to spicy food. So decided to cook curry chicken for this holiday.
At first was thinking to buy A1 chicken soup packet to cook my chicken soup. But realise that the supermarket do not sell it. Just feel weird on that. Well, see the fresh old cucumber, then decided to have one more try on it. As my first time on cucumber soup was failed.

I started to boil the soup on 2pm+ until 6pm. Just want to make the old cucumber is completely mix with the soup & chicken. Added salt to taste. Erm, this time better.
This curry chicken is simply easy to make and nice. I was using a packet of premix curry chicken paste, 300gm chicken slice & 2 nos potatoes. It only need 20 minutes to prepare.
Our dinner meal on that day. I am still learning to estimate the portion for 2. Just feel it is hard and always cook more on every dishes. Too full.....urrrrgh~~~satisfied...