Asam Fish + Steam Eggs

This dinner only take me half an hour to prepare and half an hour to cook. So simple and nice.
My white rice with black sesame. Eat black sesame is good for health and it make my local rice look like Japanese rice. *lol*
My first time steamed eggs. At first it looks smooth on the surface, but I carelessly drop down the plate while taking out from the wok. *T_T*
My first time asam fish also. It is very simple by using packet asam paste. Believe me the taste really nice and easy to cook.


MAXIM Dim Sum Restaurant

MAXIM Dim Sum Restaurant was located at Lip Sin Plaza @ Pekaka Penang. It is always packed to the max during weekend and public holiday. Always need to wait for a seat when reach there on peak "dim sum" hour. Notice today they rent another shop house next few shop to their main shop to fit in their customers.
Lo Mai Kai, a must for us whenever we have dim sum. It serve hot and taste average as normal dim sum shop selling. The so call Shark Fin dim sum (Yu Chi Kao), it serve with prawn and topping with "shark fin".
Another must eat when having dim sum is fish ball. This fish ball is fresh and bounchy.
Prawn dim sum
My favourite chili yong tao fu, the sweet sauce topping is delicious and worth for trying when you get there.
Mini abalone dim sum, I will give a thumb down for this as the meat and mini abalone is hard in taste.HK style Chee Cheung Fun
Steamed pig stomach, Mr. Ray favourite which I never want to try. But I believe it taste good as he always order when we come here.
Other than dim sum, MAXIM also serve variety of fried mee or rice. There is a board showing the price list for all dim sum and drinks. They did serve fried dim sum but we do not go for it this time as just recovered from sick. There are still other worth trying dim sum, just like egg tart, fried yam dough (Wu Kok), char siew pao, fried mini prawn puff (Har Kok) and century egg porridge.
They open daily except Monday. They are serving by bringing the dim sum around the shop when it is not on weekend and public holiday but required self service during peak days.


Malaysia's Sakura

Not sure what is these trees' name. But reading from forum, people calling it Malaysia Sakura. As I never see how the real sakura's look. But according to my friend these flowers is nicer than Japan's sakura. And these flowers open twice a year. Correct me if I am wrong. :)

If not mistaken those trees are planted by government as you can find it along the road side. During these 2 weeks, many people was drop by Sunway Tunas area to take this sakura pictures. As there is planted along the road and the flowers are dropping on the road.

Chocolate Cornflake cookies - failed!

I got this recipe from a Taiwan recipe's book by Teacher Meng. I do not buy the book as it cost more than RM50. So don't think to waste the money but just try to memories the ingredients and methods by myself.
Cornflakes - 100gm
Baking chocolate - 100gm
That's it!
- Melt the chocolate
- Mix cornflakes with chocolate
- Make the shape you want and put in fridge for 10 min

Here it is. Still yet to put in fridge. The chocolate bar I bought may be wrong. As my cookies do not have sweet taste but just like dark chocolate. *sigh* . Failed!


Toilet Bowl @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

This shop opened in Qbay mall for more than a year, but having bad comments so far. The shop is located at 3rd floor which same floor with GSC cinema.

Well, we are thinking to give it a try as the ideal is very interesting. The toilet bowl concept ordinary from Taiwan if I am not mistaken. The environment is designed as toilet feel, sitting on toilet bowl, surrounding with toilet's wall. As fun as having food in a mini toilet bowl. We do not order those foods look like "shxt" or with disgusting outlook. Because we really afraid our appetite will affected by the look.
I forgot this burger full name but it is not bad in taste. Just there is too much of cucumber moreover sad to tell is the cucumbers are too dry.
Mocha ice blended RM6.50. Give it 4 stars over 5! Nice!
Seafood spaghetti RM10.90 by using angel hair with oyster, fish fillet, crab meat stick. This is over oily and only can taste for soy sauce for whole plate of spaghetti. There is too much of onion and cabbage. The cabbage is not well done and cut into "cube" shape. Is hardly imagine that they can skip the right way to cut the cabbage but cut them into "cube" and this make the cabbage is hardly well done. I should snap the picture of "cube" cabbage huh. :(
Still snap few pictures of the shop's environment. Sorry to showing blur photo, as we do not plan to having our dinner at this special place.

Homemade Bak Kut Teh

I have tried many time for bak kut teh, but failed for many times. The taste like don't know where went wrong. This time get the information from my colleague to using this A1 bak kut teh packet. I only need to buy pork ribs, pork ball, chinese lettuce, mushroom & taufu pok.

This RM5 soft bone pork is enough for 2 person portion. I use soft bone pork as the meat is nicer and softer compare to pork ribs.

My bak kut teh for Sunday lunch. The soft bone pork is bit hard. I am following exactly the instruction but no idea why my pork is hard. Overcooked? No idea. Will try again next time!

Online Games -

Recently I was addicted to this online games - There is many games like mahjong, matching, chess, big 2.5 and etc. It is free registration and you can create your own viwawa from buying tops, bottoms, background, accessories, face creature and etc. Enjoy!