OXO Cafelab @ Penang

OXO cafe was located near Queensbay mall. I believe it is familiar for most of FTZ factory workers. This newly open cafe is located behind HSBC bank at the other end corner lot.It open from 8am to 1am daily. Remember it is free for 1st hour parking.
The trendy interior design give you relaxation feeling while dining. And they are having opening promotion at 15% off. We order set breakfast on this sunny Sunday morning. Set breakfast including drink, coffee or tea to choose.
My fish porridge with lettuce, bean, yao char guai & a little of fried food like "meehoon". It served in a black claypot. And taste good I can say.
The set A breakfast, come with 2 fried eggs, bread, salad, sausage & baked potatoes.

Hidden Recipe @ Penang

This is not our first visit to this food outlet. It is located at Pekaka which near to Tesco Extra. Just next few shops to Pelita Nasi Kandar. They serve western and oriental food in average price range.

This time we choose for western set meal. It is only cost RM12.90, includind main course, mushroom soup, bread, drink & dessert.
I believe their bread is homemade as it serve in hot and the texture is very smooth.
You may choose coffee, tea or lemonade.

We choose grilled fish & grilled chicken. After the maincourse, you will still have a scoop of ice cream as dessert.


Homemade Dinner

Simple & easy dinner is always my first choice when come to weekend. We have A1 chicken herbal soup, stir fried broccoli with prawn, ready made acar chili, & steam egg. This time chicken soup is boil for 3 hours with medium fire, it really make different with what I made previously. My grandmom bought me the homemade acar chili from her friend. It taste sweet, sour & spicy. The marinated cucumber & carrot are fresh and crunchy. It can increase your appetite.


Melaka Dim Sum - Yaw Hau Fok's Dim Sum again. This is a newly open dim sum shop located at Malim Jaya, Melaka. It is same roll with Public Bank with just few shops next to PB. We reach there around 10 plus in the morning. Actually it is a bit late for dim sum. Well, who cares?! The first and a must order when we eat dim sum is Loh Mai Kai. This is nicer compare to the one I eat at Penang. The rice is softer and rich with chicken taste.
Others must order steamed dim sum - siew mai, fish ball, har mai, ..... This made by yam and a bit salty.
Fried carrot cake, it's look plain but nice in taste.
This is the special one that I tried in this shop - fried milk cube. You can never imagine the taste once you really have your own. The crispy skin roll with milk cube, is more like a dessert rather than dim sum. Try it out if you have chance to go there.
Another nice one to try out. The ingredient is mix vege and the skin topping with sesame. Not really know the name. For those who like vege than meat, may try out this shop. As their dim sum is very light and put more vege on it.
We are miss the famous bao for this shop. As the bao are finished sold in the early morning. Can imagine how popular is the bao. Will try out next time.

You will not need to q long to enjoy your dim sum. As they have 2 shops side by side and having sufficient tables to serve their customer. The important thing is they will bring the dim sum for you to choose rather than self services as normal dim sum doing now. And don't feel surprise when you see there is nothing much on their dim sum rack or steamed area, as their food is serve fresh. They will bring out the dim sum around right after they are finished prepare.


Vietnam Kitchen @ 1U Shopping Center

This is our first time having Vietname cuisine at 1U shopping center. During the Monday, most of the restaurant or food shop do not have much people. And we choose this Vietnam Kitchen as seeing many people was there. Common decision I believe most of the people like you will do to choose a people occupied restaurant rather than no one interested. *lol*
Ray's slizzing set lunch - curry chicken rice set (RM10.9). It comes with a hot plate of curry chicken, salad + thousand island dressing, acar & fresh lemon tea. But just wonder why Vietnam dishes do have curry chicken. Vietnam + Malay fusion? No idea then... My slizzing set lunch - black pepper chicken chop (11.90). The combination is more or less the same as above except for it comes with garlic bread. The garlic bread is nicely done and crunchy taste. You may found it really taste owesome if topping with thousand island dressing. This is just my idea suddenly pop up in my mind when eating the bread. But it is work! *^_^*
We still order a side dish - crispy net spring roll (6.90). I am not so sure what is the ingredient inside. But I believe there is chicken meat mince & vege. Believe me this is really worth trying. The crispy skin dipped with the spicy sour sauce is just perfect.They also provide French + Vietnam fusion dishes at reasonable price range.
I am sure there is many other Vietnam shops may selling better food than this. But I'll still visit again for this shop in future.

Melaka Baba Cendol

As a anak Melaka I will always recommend my friends to go for this shop in Jonker Street. The shop named Jonker Dessert 88 - 大宝小食. The shop is on your right hand side when you walk along Jonker Street from the main entrance. And I realise this shop is open during morning & afternoon and closed at night.
As normal cendol, it is come with shaved ice with cendol. The special for this cendol is they are using gula melaka topping and come with very rich coconut milk. Is so enjoyable to having a bowl of cooling cendol on this hot weather.
Other than Babe Cendol, they also serve durian cendol, mango cendol, red bean cendol & etc. The price is on average and affordable for you to enjoy the icy feel frequently.
The shop is always fully occupied by tourist and local people. So it is good for you to grab your seat before you q-up for your favourite cendol. Opss..forgot to tell that they are practise self served foods. So don't sit and wait for waiters to serve you then. *lol*

Nah..this is the shop. They are also selling Nyonya laksa, asam laksa, snacks and others nice local foods. Check it out when you have chance to visit Melaka!