Melaka Dim Sum - Yaw Hau Fok's Dim Sum again. This is a newly open dim sum shop located at Malim Jaya, Melaka. It is same roll with Public Bank with just few shops next to PB. We reach there around 10 plus in the morning. Actually it is a bit late for dim sum. Well, who cares?! The first and a must order when we eat dim sum is Loh Mai Kai. This is nicer compare to the one I eat at Penang. The rice is softer and rich with chicken taste.
Others must order steamed dim sum - siew mai, fish ball, har mai, ..... This made by yam and a bit salty.
Fried carrot cake, it's look plain but nice in taste.
This is the special one that I tried in this shop - fried milk cube. You can never imagine the taste once you really have your own. The crispy skin roll with milk cube, is more like a dessert rather than dim sum. Try it out if you have chance to go there.
Another nice one to try out. The ingredient is mix vege and the skin topping with sesame. Not really know the name. For those who like vege than meat, may try out this shop. As their dim sum is very light and put more vege on it.
We are miss the famous bao for this shop. As the bao are finished sold in the early morning. Can imagine how popular is the bao. Will try out next time.

You will not need to q long to enjoy your dim sum. As they have 2 shops side by side and having sufficient tables to serve their customer. The important thing is they will bring the dim sum for you to choose rather than self services as normal dim sum doing now. And don't feel surprise when you see there is nothing much on their dim sum rack or steamed area, as their food is serve fresh. They will bring out the dim sum around right after they are finished prepare.

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