OXO Cafelab @ Penang

OXO cafe was located near Queensbay mall. I believe it is familiar for most of FTZ factory workers. This newly open cafe is located behind HSBC bank at the other end corner lot.It open from 8am to 1am daily. Remember it is free for 1st hour parking.
The trendy interior design give you relaxation feeling while dining. And they are having opening promotion at 15% off. We order set breakfast on this sunny Sunday morning. Set breakfast including drink, coffee or tea to choose.
My fish porridge with lettuce, bean, yao char guai & a little of fried food like "meehoon". It served in a black claypot. And taste good I can say.
The set A breakfast, come with 2 fried eggs, bread, salad, sausage & baked potatoes.

3 条评论:

  1. The food look nice and I think when free I should go there to taka a look....Thanks for the information ...

  2. I tried their breakfast set once, but very disappointed with the food and the service. I don't think I'll ever give them a second chance :P

  3. hi Magnild World, you can go try out one day..:D

    hi Allie, ya..when i went tat time..they count wrong price to my porridge..:(