Melaka Baba Cendol

As a anak Melaka I will always recommend my friends to go for this shop in Jonker Street. The shop named Jonker Dessert 88 - 大宝小食. The shop is on your right hand side when you walk along Jonker Street from the main entrance. And I realise this shop is open during morning & afternoon and closed at night.
As normal cendol, it is come with shaved ice with cendol. The special for this cendol is they are using gula melaka topping and come with very rich coconut milk. Is so enjoyable to having a bowl of cooling cendol on this hot weather.
Other than Babe Cendol, they also serve durian cendol, mango cendol, red bean cendol & etc. The price is on average and affordable for you to enjoy the icy feel frequently.
The shop is always fully occupied by tourist and local people. So it is good for you to grab your seat before you q-up for your favourite cendol. Opss..forgot to tell that they are practise self served foods. So don't sit and wait for waiters to serve you then. *lol*

Nah..this is the shop. They are also selling Nyonya laksa, asam laksa, snacks and others nice local foods. Check it out when you have chance to visit Melaka!