Vietnam Kitchen @ 1U Shopping Center

This is our first time having Vietname cuisine at 1U shopping center. During the Monday, most of the restaurant or food shop do not have much people. And we choose this Vietnam Kitchen as seeing many people was there. Common decision I believe most of the people like you will do to choose a people occupied restaurant rather than no one interested. *lol*
Ray's slizzing set lunch - curry chicken rice set (RM10.9). It comes with a hot plate of curry chicken, salad + thousand island dressing, acar & fresh lemon tea. But just wonder why Vietnam dishes do have curry chicken. Vietnam + Malay fusion? No idea then... My slizzing set lunch - black pepper chicken chop (11.90). The combination is more or less the same as above except for it comes with garlic bread. The garlic bread is nicely done and crunchy taste. You may found it really taste owesome if topping with thousand island dressing. This is just my idea suddenly pop up in my mind when eating the bread. But it is work! *^_^*
We still order a side dish - crispy net spring roll (6.90). I am not so sure what is the ingredient inside. But I believe there is chicken meat mince & vege. Believe me this is really worth trying. The crispy skin dipped with the spicy sour sauce is just perfect.They also provide French + Vietnam fusion dishes at reasonable price range.
I am sure there is many other Vietnam shops may selling better food than this. But I'll still visit again for this shop in future.

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  1. very nice restaurant with tasty food and reasonable price.