Toilet Bowl @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

This shop opened in Qbay mall for more than a year, but having bad comments so far. The shop is located at 3rd floor which same floor with GSC cinema.

Well, we are thinking to give it a try as the ideal is very interesting. The toilet bowl concept ordinary from Taiwan if I am not mistaken. The environment is designed as toilet feel, sitting on toilet bowl, surrounding with toilet's wall. As fun as having food in a mini toilet bowl. We do not order those foods look like "shxt" or with disgusting outlook. Because we really afraid our appetite will affected by the look.
I forgot this burger full name but it is not bad in taste. Just there is too much of cucumber moreover sad to tell is the cucumbers are too dry.
Mocha ice blended RM6.50. Give it 4 stars over 5! Nice!
Seafood spaghetti RM10.90 by using angel hair with oyster, fish fillet, crab meat stick. This is over oily and only can taste for soy sauce for whole plate of spaghetti. There is too much of onion and cabbage. The cabbage is not well done and cut into "cube" shape. Is hardly imagine that they can skip the right way to cut the cabbage but cut them into "cube" and this make the cabbage is hardly well done. I should snap the picture of "cube" cabbage huh. :(
Still snap few pictures of the shop's environment. Sorry to showing blur photo, as we do not plan to having our dinner at this special place.

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  1. wow this place looks fun! must stop by on my next trip to penang!

  2. yeah, the environment is very special and unique. :)