Homemade Bak Kut Teh

I have tried many time for bak kut teh, but failed for many times. The taste like don't know where went wrong. This time get the information from my colleague to using this A1 bak kut teh packet. I only need to buy pork ribs, pork ball, chinese lettuce, mushroom & taufu pok.

This RM5 soft bone pork is enough for 2 person portion. I use soft bone pork as the meat is nicer and softer compare to pork ribs.

My bak kut teh for Sunday lunch. The soft bone pork is bit hard. I am following exactly the instruction but no idea why my pork is hard. Overcooked? No idea. Will try again next time!

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  1. AHow long did you cook for the soft bone pork? Timing could be the reason for it did not turn soft... :)

  2. i cook for more than 30 min as per instructions from the packet. But before that I did boil the pork with boiling water. Does that take any effect?

  3. Hello! Drop by at Sally's blog and saw ur blog! Ehh.. I will "beat" the pork before cook. Maybe you can try that. But normally pork need to cook very long.

  4. Hello Jane, nice to meet you here. Thanks for visit. oh~ will try your way next time ;)

  5. Hi... is the taste just like bak kut teh selling outside?? Actually i had tried to cook bak kut teh few times, but just dunno why the taste come out quite weird.

    Would like to give this a trial if the taste is similar to those selling out there.

  6. Phooi, the taste is not bad..this brand is recommended by my colleague..not bad may try..gambateh!