Hong Kong Mini Cup Noodle

These mini cup noodles were buying from Hong Kong. No doubt, these are what I bought from Hong Kong. As they are so cute, and the price is reasonable. It's just about HKD12 for 4 cups.
It calls Dim Dum Noodle in Hong Kong, may be because the size is mini just like dim sum. I bought the pork & seafood flavoured. As there is only 2 choices to choose.
Take the closer view on the mini cups, it is cute, isn't it?
When I open the cup, it's really surprise me there is mini cute pieces of ingredients. The noodle is only about half of our normal size cup noodle. But is enough for us on our supper.
The noodle is just the normal taste. And you can eat the prawn taste on seafood cup soup base. I am sure you all are more interested on the pork flavour, as we are not able to get pork cup noodle in Malaysia. The soup base a little salty and having pork floss taste on it. Should buy more next time...;)