Dragon-i @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

2 days when I back to office from my leaves, we are having a lunch with our special guest from US. She had no idea what to eat on the lunch. Hence we are suggested to have our lunch at Dragon-i which located at Queensbay Mall, Penang.

There have ala-carte on the menu. During that time, they are promoting Parents Day Special Set Menu (总有你“参”宴) on weekdays only. There have 8 pax & 4 pax set menu. Since we have 8 persons, so we choose the 8 pax set menu which cost RM388++

Besides that, we still ordered 2 plate of Shanghainese Steamed Meat Dumpling (RM9 per plate). Just want to let our special guest to taste on it.
There is 5 types of appetizer for us to choose any 3 dishes. This is the first one we choose. The Smoked beancurd Skin stuffed with mushroom, the topping sauce is taste a bit like the peanut jam. Taste special and nice.
The 2nd appetizer is Shredded Radish with Jelly Fish. The jelly fish is serve in cold condition.
The 3rd is Cold Spicy Chicken in Sichuan Style, chicken serve in cold with chili oil, topping with peanuts.
The first main course is this herbal chicken soup. It is cook with fresh ginseng.
One of our main course suppose to be Shanghainese Braised Pork's Shank, but our guest was not fanny on that, so we change it to this crispy spicy chicken (辣子鸡). The chicken was deep fried and cook with dried chili. This thumps up Beijing Crispy Duck was served boneless. The right way to eat is wrap the duck with the flour skin, add in spring onion, cucumber and the special sauce they made. The duck is well done without the duck weird smell that we usually taste. It still taste good even eat without the skin.
The vegetable dishes, braised black mushroom, winter bamboo shoot & vegetable. This is my first time eat bamboo shoot, a bit crunchy when you bite.

There still got 2 dishes which I forgot to take pictures. One is braised Garoupa with brown sauce & another one is sauteed Sea Prawn in Sichuan Style.
The last 2 dishes is our desserts.
This is my favourite among all the dishes. I like the Aloe Vera in this dessert. This set menu do free one bowl of double boiled bird's nest with ginseng.

Our lunch spend about 2 and half hours of our working time. Really a long lunch and very full. This meal is cost almost RM500 after tax & service charge.