Happy Ox Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Although I am not the first to wish you all, but at least I am not the last. :)
I was taking 3 days leave from 3rd CNY to 5th CNY. Staying my hometown for more than one week. Don't envy! Coz now I was still in CNY mood, and my soul still at my hometown. And my body is working here everyday, sigh!
What I do during CNY? Erm...I was gathering with my family, friends and relatives during the CNY. And also gambling. :D
See my house moo moo got lady bird shit? Haha..
My house mini dancing dragon - "lang sai"
This is our house 1st CNY lunch. As our reunion dinner was having steamboat and all relatives were coming our house for lunch. This can call a former reunion meal for us. :D
My house cookies, snaks & sweets. It is only 1/3 of it. -.-"
4 of us with my daddy. He looks so sleepy huh!
My mom like the lady birds too much til our plant also have it. :D
Ok..Finished sharing..Wish all of you having a Happy and Properous Ox Year.
Get Healthier
Get Prettier
Get Richer
Get Sexier
BUT stay away from GET FIRE! :D

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