Sunshine BB Cafe Bak Kut Teh

Me & Mr. Ray were always thinking what to eat for our dinner during weekdays. I was reading a blog from PenangTuaPui today regarding this bak kut teh at BB Cafe. So was decided to try out today.

BB Cafe was selling hawker foods during the day time, eg: asam laksa, curry mee, wan tan mee, chicken rice, pan mee, economic rice, fried kuey teow & etc. It is always fully occupied by those ppl working in nearby MNCs during weekday lunch hours. This shop is located just behind Sunshine Square.

I was only get to know they are selling bak kut teh at night. This Lai Xiang bak kut teh is selling from 5pm to 11pm. When I was there for this first time, there are almost 70% occupied by ppl. Their serving style is very fast and efficient. Can get your order once you sit down and serve the food in 5 min time.
This is the bak kut teh they serve. Taste good with moderate herd smell. The special ingredient inside was they are added mini corn inside the soup other than pork, bean curd skin, pork ball, mushroom & etc.

Boiled lettuce with pork floss only cost RM3.
There are white rice and yam rice to choose.
We can choose bean curd to add in the bak kut teh or choose to have fried style with Thai sauce cucumber onion slice.
This meal is only cost us RM18.70. it is cheaper compare to other bak kut teh shop we eat at BM or gurney drive.