Valentine's Dinner @ Canton-i

Today is all lover big day to celebrate. We as per normal couple, will go out to have a nice dinner and movie. But this year is special to us as we do not go for a valentine's dinner set. We choose to go canton-i as we prefer HK foods and don't want to spend too much during this recession period. *sweat*

We have make our reservation earlier before the movie start. And mention we want nice seats. The staff is very helpful and really write down "nice seats" on our name. *LOL* This is my 3rd time visit this HK style restaurant. Their food is quite nice and price is on average. The interior is nicely design with natural florist style, surrounding by mirror. It makes the environment get bigger and brighten.
HK ice milk tea RM5.50
XO sauce fried carrot cake (RM12)
Char Siew (BBQ Prok) Cheong Fun (RM9.80)
Combo rice (char siew + siew yok + braised egg) (RM12.80)
Combo dry mee (char siew + soft prok ribs) (RM13.80)
This meal only cost us RM55.80 with 10% discount on CIMB credit card. This is cheaper compare to those valentine's set dinner at other western restaurant. ;)

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  1. is nice..u can try it once when u r here or KL..:D

  2. very nice photos especially the guy inside