Ah Loh Seafood

I am not sure why it call Ah Loh Seafood, but it is selling by Malay. -.-"
This is my first time there and which highly recommended by my sister. She was telling me Ah Loh Seafood is cheap and nice. And there is always fully occupied and need to q-up sometime. Then we plan one day go to eat with my family when I was back to hometown. It is located someway on the way to Jasin, Melaka. Actually it is like a village that got a link shops selling seafoods. And we choose the 1st shop.

I can't really recall how many dishes we ate. Because I only able to take below photos. Those seafood was serving with nasi lemak. The service is average and I can said is below average. As our seafoods are ready on our table but we have to wait for the nasi lemak for about 10min due to they are rushing packing it. *sweat* Wonder why they need to pack it instead of just have it on plate and serve. *doink*

8 adults and 1 kid. Total Bil = RM110.

Price: Not that cheap as the portion is quite small.
Environment: Mamak stall style.
Drinks: Nice, although they are serving wrong fruits juice that we order.
Food: Average. I still prefer Tambun cheap & fresh seafood. :p

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