Cameron Highland (20-21 Dec 2008)

This post was staying in "darft" status since one month ago. I was so lazy and falling in CNY mood. :D
I am wanting to go Cameron Highland for long time ago. As my bf is staying near Simpang Pulai tol and it is very near if we want to go. But we are pending our plan until the week before I want go back my hometown. My sis was coming to Penang for shopping and we go on the next day. We depart our house in Penang about 7.30am and bring my sister & her bf for a nice dim sum that my sister looking forward for long time. :D
Right after our breakfast, we start our journey to Cameron Highland. That date was super peak season, and most of the hotels are fully book. We are only able to book a 3 star hotel for 4 person. I forgot the hotel name and price. As it is quite long time ago. Ha..
While we driving along to our hotel, we are stop at those tourist spots along the way we go up to the hill. The first stop was at Green View Garden. This new spot was newly open as i realise the business idea is good and the environment is still new and very comfortable.
It is just on your right hand side if you are coming from Simpang Pulai highway.They are selling a lot of desserts & drinks making by strawberry. Looks tempting!
Fresh vege plant garden.
The next stop we are go to Tea Garden on the opposite side. There is a small cafe that selling tea time snacks like curry puff, cakes, teh tarik, crane, and etc. Price is average.
We also went to the Rose Garden with entrance fees RM4 for adult and Rm2 for kid. There is nothing special other than rose. But found the oldest cactus in the garden!At evening, we are going to the market nearby our hotel at Brinchang. There is selling a lot of fruits and vegetable. I found they are using a good business strategy that selling all foods in RM10 for 2 or 3 pack. And the price is high if you want to buy one pack. Smart!

What other we can't miss to do in Cameron Highland is - steamboating!
So we went to the OK Teck steamboat that recommend by forumer. It cost Rm15 per person. We only order 3 person portion for 4 person. It is more than enough. Moreover this shop is just same row with our hotel. We can get it easily. The soup base is 2 type - tomyam & chicken soup. The taste is normal. But the feeling eat steamboat in cold environment is so warm!