Happy New Year 2009!!

Happy New Year!!
This is a new beginning of a year, I hope everyone around me is happy, healthy, stay young and cheer for every second!
The very first blog of a new year, just want to share my happiness happen 2 days before this new year. We (my coll & I) was having New Year dinner at QEII, so call a very romantic place for couple in Penang. Precisely, this place environment was very nice and romantic. Was thinking to ask my bf to have Valentine's dinner here. But after discussion, we decided to eat bak kut teh as replacement due to recession and want to save money for our dream house. Haha..

When we are enjoying our dessert, my coll saw a group of ppl wearing black colour shirt and guard a person come in. That guy is keep taking photo around on the christmas decoration in QEII. Huh! That's Bosco Wong, my second idol next to Zheng Kah Weng. We are so excited to taking his photo. And he is just sitting next table to us. That was so so close to us. Then we wait for a right timing to ask for a photo taking. His bodyguard was like "No, please wait later!". But Bosco was very friendly and said "Nvm, take with them first." :D So nice!
But we are only able to take one photo as the busybody guard said "One shoot! One shoot" -.-"
Here you go...............

P/S: will share the food photos in next blog when I get those photos.

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  1. oh my god...u r taking pic with my second idol too!!!!so lucky u 1st idol is lam fung..i think i will get crazy if i meet him..

  2. happy tat day..
    we are crazy meet him that day also...:D