Taiwan风情味@ Gurney Plaza, Penang

We are always influence by Taiwan food shows that introduce Taiwan's foods & beverages. This is our second visit to this shop. Which located at lower ground floor in Gurney Plaza. They are also having set meal for you to choose from RM10++. Realise many shop are offering value meal to boost their sales. But we choose ala-carte this time. :D
This is my highly recommended brown sugar Ying Yong (coffee mix tea). It only cost RM3.50 if not mistaken.
The famous 鲁肉饭-braised minced pork rice. This small bowl of rice is rich of the braised pork sauce with pork floss & boiled egg.This is sesame chicken come with rice. Taiwanese food really like to mix with braised pork sauce. But the sweet vinegar taste really will increase your appetite to eat more.One of the reason I like this shop is the interior design. The so call "Victoria" style environment is really trendy & comfortable. I always tell myself to decorate my dining/bedroom with this trendy style one day when I have my own sweet home. *wishing*