White Fungus Chicken Soup

I have long time do not cook. This Saturday was a bit free and browse the forum got this soup recipe. The soup seem tasty. And the important is I have all the ingredients. But I don't really like to eat white fungus..-.-"


2 chicken drums, White fungus, 1 tbsp qi zi(杞子), 15-20 red dates


Deep the white fungus in water for more than 3 hours (to make it soften and easy to cook). Then boil one bowl of water then put in the chicken and white fungus together. After the chicken nearly done and fungus getting soften, put in qizi and red dates. Add salt to taste. Serve hot.

This is my own secret recipe. :D

Just boil the water with tomato sauce, chili sauce, salt and sugar. Then put all the ingredients you like to eat, I put squid ball and crabstick. When everything is almost done, add in one egg. It is just simple and nice.