Me: Hello?
Her: r u mei huey?
Me: yes.
Her: why you reject my deal?
Me: there is no g-code, I can't approve.
Her: I have put g-code!
Me: No. There is no!
Her: Yes. I have!
Me: If in your quotation there is g-code, that doesn't mean in adam you have. Anyhow, I already reject, please resubmit with g-code.
Her: No. Now I don't understand why you reject me!
Me: As I told, there is no g-code in adam.
Her: YES! I HAVE G-CODE there!
Me: Please give me your form ID. Let me print screen to you.

After i print screen and forward to her. She keep quiet and said will check. See?!

5min later....
She come to me and ask me go to her cubicle, want show me the g-code. Well, I just follow.

Me: you write in the comment is useless, you must make sure your g-code is there in adam.
Her team leader: the g-code will not appear if we have many quotations!! (with stupid angry voice)
Me: So far we can approve with many quotations provided with g-code.
Her team leader: this can not be. unless we seperate by each quotation. (then she shout again!) Now u resubmit! (talking to her staff) with different quotations! now we want do easier way! but they don't want!

I just walk away right after she shout at me. I am not so stupid stand there let her scold.
She still continue shouting without using her brxxx. Well, can say very super low EQ? Haha..

Right after I sit down on my cub, i just keep quiet and try to calm down myself.

After 5 min..
I went to my senior and manager, tell the incident. I am not doing wrong, I just follow the procedure. If want escalate, I don't care!

Below is my manager statement to me that make me very frustrated and fed up with this job!
She said "actually if you spend the time to argue with them, actually you can check the g-code in smarts and approve for them"

WTH she talking about? In the meeting, is everybody agreement to reject!
Well, I know what to do next time!


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  1. d clients are so stupid and also to ur boss!
    Damn Shit!

  2. that is sales person...internal person...but talking without using their brxxx..
    i really speechless toward them..